Drainage & Erosion Control

Drainage & Erosion Services in Loganville GA

Water keeps your landscape healthy and lush. However, when your landscape becomes oversaturated, it can cause the death of your plants, emit unpleasant odors, or compromise the structural integrity of your building. If you notice standing water on your residential or commercial property, you do not have to let it get you down. Wallis Landscape provides drainage solutions for residential and commercial drainage issues. In Loganville, Georgia, the next rainstorm is always at hand. With our innovative solutions, you can prevent rainwater damage, basement flooding, or the deterioration or death of your plants. Contact us today at (770) 985-2099 for a free estimate.

Benefits of Hiring a Company to Help with Your Drainage Problem

Hiring a company is the best way to address your drainage problem. Here’s why:

·         You Can Address Several Problems At Once: When you seek help from a professional, you do not have to give priority to certain issues and put others on the back burner. Instead, you can address several problems at once, including landscape water drainage and potential property damage. You can also look into additional drainage solutions to keep water away from your residential or commercial property without affecting the landscape design.

·         Advanced Equipment: Companies specializing in drainage can serve you better by investing in the latest equipment and tools. At Wallis Landscape, we use state-of-the-art equipment to improve drainage in your home or business premise. You can maintain your existing drainage system with us because we use our equipment to restore its functionality and keep water away from your house.

·         Personalized Project Plan: Because our clients in Loganville, Georgia, have different schedules, we create customized project plans. Our company consists of trained, skilled, and experienced drainage experts who can easily create a project plan that will not interfere with your schedule. We give your project the attention it needs, but we also handle it with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Search no more if you are searching for a Loganville, GA Company that offers personalized drainage solutions. At Wallis Landscape, we serve our customers in Loganville, Georgia, by providing economical drainage solutions that do not take away from their landscape design. We offer various services, including land clearing, lawn maintenance, patios, mulch, and other services to meet the varying drainage needs of our customers. We handle all types of drainage projects ranging from minor to extreme and offer additional services such as repairs and installations. Contact us today to request a quote.

Solve Landscape Drainage Problems in Loganville, GA

Having your backyard turn into a mini pool each time it rains is a clear sign of a drainage problem. To eliminate drainage problems, we offer services such as:       

·         Drainage Control: When preserving the front yard or the back yard, most homeowners report two main problems: plants are either getting too much water or barely enough water. The number one cause of drainage issues in Loganville, Georgia, is property grading. Most lots are not as flat as they seem, and water tends to wash away in some areas and pool in others. To improve drainage on your property, we offer different drainage solutions that ensure a healthy life for your yard, trees, flowers, and shrubs.  

·         Yard Drainage Services: Many homes in Loganville, GA, require an aftermarket yard drain installed to improve the flow of rainwater. Otherwise, water might pool in some areas and cause significant landscape damage. The professionals at Wallis Landscape can have a French drain installed in your backyard. French drains are among the top-ranked drainage solutions because they collect water from your backyard and guide it to a designated discharge point. In turn, this keeps your outdoor living space dry and accessible.

·         Erosion Control Services: Because many neighborhoods in Loganville, GA, back up to sloping terrains or hills, most residential properties need retaining walls or other erosion control techniques. Otherwise, it won’t just deteriorate your landscape but the condition of your house. Whether your backyard is prone to flooding or you are just wary that rainwater will damage your property, we can protect you by offering a variety of erosion support structures.

Do not let drainage problems get the best of your property. If your home or business property has minor to moderate drainage problems, Wallis Landscape is here to help. Our professionals can propose several drainage solutions that will not detract from your property’s curb appeal or landscape design. These include retaining walls, fire pits, and more. Contact us today, and we will assist you in the best way we can.

Professional Services in Loganville, Georgia

Wallis Landscape is a family-owned business providing drainage solutions to home and business owners in Loganville, Georgia for over 30 years. We specialize in sod installation, land clearing, landscape design, fire pits, patios, etc. We also perform repairs and installations and can handle your drainage improvement project, restoring your soil’s water levels to normal. Our service areas include Grayson, GA, Lawrenceville, GA, Lilburn, GA,  Loganville, GA, Snellville, GA, and Between, GA. Call us today to hire an experienced drainage and erosion control in Loganville, GA.

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When your yard retains too much water, you can count on Wallis Landscape to provide the best drainage control options. A seasoned contractor from our company will evaluate your property, find the cause of the drainage issue, and propose solutions that will keep the water flowing in the right direction all year round. Our company has a strong BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating and can restore your water levels to normal, which, in turn, results in healthier plants and a more stable yard. From lawn maintenance to installation projects, we have got the best solution for your drainage problem.     

Do not let your backyard turn into a mud pool. Contact us today at (770) 985-2099 or email us at info@wallislandscape.com to request a free, no-obligation estimate. You can also pay us a visit at 1599 Temple Johnson Rd. Loganville, GA 30052. (Note: Project minimum of $5,000).