Landscape Lighting Installation

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Loganville, GA

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting Service in Loganville GA

Most of us still live by the curfew rules of our parents, even when we own a home. Once the sun sets and the yard is dark, it’s time to head inside for the evening! But why shouldn’t you spend a few extra hours each night enjoying the refreshing night air?

Unfortunately, without proper outdoor lighting, you can easily injure yourself without consciously trying. Instead, exterior landscape lighting in Loganville GA may prove to work as the yard upgrades you’ve needed. Professional exterior lights can brighten your darkest areas, all without substantial construction or utility costs.

For the best in local landscape lighting installations, Wallis Landscape is the ideal choice. We offer nothing but affordable solutions and professional service every day. Call today for your best outdoor lighting services!

Call us for complete landscape lighting installations. No matter what your yard needs, we offer it all:

  • Well Lights
  • Bullet Lights
  • Wash Lighting
  • Flood Lamps
  • Downlight Tree Bulbs
  • Garden Lighting
  • Water Feature Lights
  • Back Patio Lighting
  • Decking Lights
  • Walkway Path Lighting
  • Front Entrance Lights
  • Shrubbery Lighting
  • And more exterior light installations.

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When you go with Wallis Landscape, you can custom design the landscape or outdoor living space you’ve always wanted—we offer a hassle free process compared to working with a typical landscaping company! Call us today to learn more about our licensed and insured landscape and hardscaping services in in Loganville, GA, or use our fast online form now to request your free, no-obligation estimate! (Note: We have a minimum investment for landscape installation projects of $5,000).