Retaining Wall Design & Construction

Retaining Wall Installation in Loganville GA

Enhance your landscape with retaining walls. Whether it is to hold back an eroding hillside or create a living space out of a steep slope, retaining walls are funtional and creates depth and beauty within your landscape.

Retaining walls can be designed to use a variety of materials, such as stone, block or timber with the proper drainage and grade in mind.

How Do They Work?

Retaining walls operate as a secondary border that can help promote better lawn health, as well as increased soil structure. Although we think of the ground as a hard surface, much of it soon disappears after storms, wind, and just daily sun exposure. Over time, your yard withers away, and often without you taking notice. By the time the results catch your attention, it may be too late! Instead, retaining wall installations may prevent ground erosion, water runoff, and other lawn care concerns. And when done correctly, they’ll look great, too! For your best yard retaining walls in Loganville, GA, just call a trusted retaining wall installer for the best results possible. No one else saves you on quality installations like Wallis Landscape!

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