I thought I would share with you some fun and useful ideas to enhance your landscaping with decorative downspout ideas.

They are beautiful when the rainwater runs down or passes through the decorative drainage.

Enjoy and have fun!

downspout landscaping ideas
Create a dry creek bed that looks great dry or wet.

stack flat rocks
Stack flat rocks under the gutter downspout for a beautiful dry waterfall.
decorative splash
Decorative splash blocks turn into a water feature.
decorative idea
This idea makes a statement and brings character to the home.
repurpose watering cans
Repurpose watering cans and rain gutters to form a wall landscape.
stack blocks
Stack blocks and edging to create a dry creek bed.
rain barrel
Set up a rain barrel for future water use.
rain chain fountain
This is a beautiful way to use a rain chain and fountain.