Letting a professional landscape company add a paver to your property is one of your most significant investments. It can make your outdoor space look more attractive while guiding guests to your home. Paver walkways are also highly durable. 

Being a responsible homeowner means regularly cleaning and maintaining it to preserve its aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, like other things, they'll eventually wear down because of their constant exposure to the elements. Besides making your landscaping unsightly, a deteriorating walkway can also cause safety and structural problems. 

If you want to restore your property's beauty immediately, this article will enumerate some warning signs you should let a landscape company replace your paver walkway.

1. Cracks 

Paver walkways are highly durable when you install them correctly. Unfortunately, they’re likely to form cracks eventually if you don’t maintain them regularly and live in places with colder climates. Deicing materials and freeze-thaw cycles can cause damage to the pavers. Warmer regions can also cause the pavers to break down because of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Besides making your property unsightly to passersby, cracks can cause potential tripping hazards. These unsightly marks can also encourage weed growth and water to seep inside your walkway. Moreover, damages can increase the likelihood of gaps forming. 

You can restore your walkway’s best condition by calling a professional step and walkway installation company. If your walkway has minor cracks, they can replace the broken pieces. However, they might need to replace it entirely if it suffers extensive damage. 

2. Discoloration or Fading

Your paver walkway constantly faces intense elements like wind, rain, and sun. The sun’s rays can make your property look unsightly and uneven. Fortunately, in some cases, it can give the landscape a rustic charm. Some homeowners use pavers with a naturally worn and textured appearance for a more weathered look.

However, you should remember that discoloration or fading can weaken the pavers and increase their likelihood of cracking. Instead of relying on the rustic charm, you can restore your paver walkway’s best look by letting a professional landscape company replace the faded or discolored pavers. 

3. Loose or Uneven Pavers 

You should replace your walkway pavers if they become loose or look uneven. This issue results from drainage problems, tree roots interfering with the ground, or soil shifts. Besides being a tripping hazard, loose pavers can indicate that your landscaping is suffering from a severe underlying issue. Loose or uneven pavers can also frustrate homeowners because they can affect the landscape’s beauty.

For this reason, you must always consult a professional landscaper before changing your pavers. These experts can help you determine how to restabilize them, such as replacing the dirt beneath them, modifying your lawn, or moving the pavers to another location. 

4. Standing Water on Pavers 

Contractors design and install pavers at a slight angle to ensure any water runs off. If it’s draining improperly, it could mean that they didn’t set the material up with the correct tilt or the ground beneath them shifted. 

Water puddles forming on your driveway or walkway can spell trouble for homeowners. Besides being a potential safety hazard and causing unsightly damage, they can signal an underlying issue with your property. 

You can fix the drainage problem by letting a landscape company remove and replace your pavers. That way, you can enjoy your property being safer and more attractive. 


Your walkway may eventually break down because of its constant exposure to foot traffic and extreme elements. You can keep your property safe and aesthetically pleasing by calling a landscape company to inspect and replace the broken parts. 

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