What Is Hardscaping?


Hardscaping consist of non-living elements of landscaping, such as brick, stone, concrete or wood.  It is one of the two major aspects of landscaping,the other being softscape.   

There are a variety of different hardscapes used in outdoor living spaces. Some are practical and some are decorative from driveways to patios and walkways to benches.  Hardscapes provide definition and sense or organization to the natural areas and features of the property.  


Why Should You be Consider Hardscape?

Hardscaping is proved to be quite beneficial for a lot of reasons. Not only does it add to the allure and value of your home, but they also make sure that you benefit from it as much as possible.

Hardscaping can solve issues such as a retaining wall that holds back the soil for an eroding hillside or paver patio to resolve drainage issues while also providing lower maintenance options.


Examples of Hardscape Projects

Hardscape elements can define the use of a space and guide you to other areas of the property through different zones of softscaping.  Here are some examples of hardscape elements to enhance your property.


·        Stone Retaining Walls convert a slope to a flat yard, maintains the soil to protect your lawn and plants.  

·        Paver Patios are a low maintenance option with adding value. 

·        Paver Walkways are ideal for garden paths and a welcoming entrance. 

·        Fire Pits for enjoying the outdoors yea rround and roasting marshmallows. 

·        Boulders Let’s not forget how great and unique placement of boulders can change the entire look of your property.


Hardscaping is essential for a uniformed, functional and beautiful home.  Contact Wallis Landscape to achieve the ultimate look that you want for your outdoor living space.