The Original pond on the property was built (approx. 20 years ago) along a cross tie wall as you will see in the before pictures at the beginning of the video.  While it was our own, we were quite proud of it even though, it was never really completed with perfection.

A few years later, we made the mistake of planting dwarf variegated bamboo to camouflage the filtration box. Little did we know, it was a very invasive plant 😳 and took over rather quickly. At the same time the cross tie wall was becoming dilapidated and knew we had to do something soon before it became an unwelcome mess and a danger to the fish.  

Every winter, our landscaping business tends to slow down, and to keep our amazing team working year round, we have a project for either our shop or our personal property they work on in between client projects.  

Winter 2019 was the year for a pond renovation for our personal property and we were so excited about our very own new paradise.  If you can remember, Winter 2019 in Loganville, GA we had so much unimaginable rain and many contractors were not able to work.  Therefore, the pond renovation took quite a bit of time to complete and as the weather allowed for workable conditions, we also began our busy season. While we were happy to get back to work helping clients upgrade the way they live outside, the Wallis Landscape pond renovation had to be put on hold.    

The pond installation consisted of Tremron Stonehurst Sierra Block for the back retaining wall and pond along with many boulders, flagstone, river pebbles and plant material blending many elements and texture to create a more natural water feature. The patio area was extended along with an extra wide pathway with Tremron Mega Stonehurst Sierra Pavers for a more unified look.

Our team put in the time and hard work any time they had a chance and we couldn’t be more proud of them and their dedication.

There is nothing more soothing than moving water and much more outdoor time will be spent here rather than inside.   😉