With 2018 just around the corner, new trendy methods of creating the ideal yard you have always wanted to have are coming to light. These styles may not be anything that hasn’t ever been accomplished before, but it is certainly shedding a modern light onto old concepts.

  1. Custom Creativity-

There is a lot of pride that comes out of knowing you have a unique, one of a kind yard that speaks through its character. That is why in 2018, craftsmanship is what everyone is looking for. Concepts like stone walkways laid by hand and made to fit your appeal or arches/awnings that accentuate garden spaces are really what homeowners are loving. Hand crafted wooden benches made from a variety of different trees would be perfect as well; anything to give your yard a sense of character like none other. Individuality is key in this trend.

  1. Organic Privacy –

Whether you’re wanting a nice shade from outside to create indirect inside light, or a private perimeter that encases your yard from the outside, the trending method is to go all out green. Plant new trees that will provide indirect and direct shades, use tall shrubbery to accentuate walkways or paths while giving them a peaceful ambience.

  1. Multi-use & Compact –

For many homeowners, space is not infinite and we have to utilize the area to its highest potential. But with limited space does not always mean limited options. The center of a dining area could be converted and used as a fireplace. An herb garden can create an aesthetic for your deck or patio. Anything can be utilized in various ways with a bit of creativity to give even the smallest of spaces numerous uses.