Standing water can be damaging to your landscape and foundation therefore, it is important to know the difference between a French drain & Surface drain as they serve two very different purposes.

French Drains are for standing surface water:

Commonly used when you have groundwater issues linked to a water table usually from a nearby stream or lake.  It can increase and decrease depending on precipitation.

A French Drain is basically a trench filled with rock or gravel, and perforated pipe.  The water saturates down into the rock and pipe and redirected away from the area.

Surface Drains are for redirecting water:

Commonly used when you have runoff into low spots of the lawn or to move gutter water away from your home especially if you have a basement.

Surface drains feature a 4", 6" or 12" catch basin with a grate that is flush with the surface linked with pvc pipe underground to collect water at ground level and channel it away from the area.