Holiday season is here, and the festive outdoor décor is a must for the vibes of the fall and winter holidays. A natural look is always a great way to keep your home and lawn festive, while keeping electrical costs and maintenance to a minimum.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your holiday appeal is a decorative trim of shrubs or bushes you have in the front portion of your home or near the curb. Smooth, rounded off shapes give a subtle and relaxing feel all season. In addition to your shrubbery, using artificial greenery for lining any railings or fencing you have will accentuate the architecture. Decorative greens such as wreaths and garlands are sold by many local retailers that are created with many natural combinations of vibrant flowers and fall evergreen pine. Many come with pre-lit lights as well that use a small amount of electricity, but give your garland or wreath a night and day pop.

Looking for porch or deck décor? Mini Pine trees are sold at many garden & hardware stores for affordable pricing and gives your house the holiday character. These trees too have assortments of shiny ornamental decorations or arrays of pinecones that make them that much more festive. Of course, pumpkins can be used throughout the season into Winter because of their variety of colors and the length of time pumpkins remain appealing. Pumpkins in combination with hay or any brown shrubbery is perfect for Fall especially.

Ornaments and bows in shades of orange to red to green and gold all work for a fall and winter oriented decorative lawn. Wrapping a garland around your mailbox with accentuating flowers and artificial berries gives an organic appeal to your curb view. Windowsills are also a perfect place to add decorative fall ornamental plants such honeywort, winter jasmine, and other perennials that cohere with the fall appeal.