Trees & shrubs add real value to your home and can be planted any time of the growing season.  However if you want to give them a real advantage, fall is the ideal time to do it.   By planting in the fall, it gives the plant plenty of time to establish the root system before they are exposed to high stressors such as high heat, low temperatures or not enough water.

When the Spring arrives, the plant is well established to put out strong leaves, new top growth and lots of flowers.  Fall planting gives your plants roots a ‘head start’ over spring planting.

Planting Tips

  • It is essential to account for the potential mature size when planting.  It will need ample room to grow to prevent deep pruning down the road.
  • All larger trees that are top heavy should be staked for support.
  • Plant in a good location for good drainage
  • The root ball should be planted at the same depth it was at the nursery
  • Any plastic string, or synthetic burlap should be removed to prevent strangling of the root system.
  • Mulch the area around the tree with a few inches of mulch. Keep the mulch from touching the trunk.
  • Water your new plantings consistently if rainfall does not provide adequate moisture and especially during any dry periods in the winter up until the ground freezes.