You move your family into a wonderful new home. All of the unpacking is done, and everyone is starting to settle in, feel at home, and get back to their usual daily activities. Then one day you head out to get the mail, and realize that you really don’t like the appearance of your lawn. Maybe it’s simple and plain, or maybe it was not cared for by the previous owners, and now looks in disrepair. No matter how beautiful your home may be, the lawn is obviously detracting from the overall picture you’ve envisioned for your home.

It’s not the first time someone has come to this conclusion, just as it’s not unheard of for home buyers to select a home that looks great, except for the lawn or landscape. And still some home owners simply want to redesign their landscaping to put their one personal stamp on the property and feel more like they truly own it. When redesigning your lawn and landscaping, Lilburn GA experts warn homeowners against making decisions without first learning a bit about the subject. To save yourself a lot of trouble, you must be aware of a some very important factors before tearing your yard apart and rebuilding it. Here’s what the Lilburn, GA landscaping experts have to say.

Substance Before Form

When a house is being built, the process happens in multiple steps. First the house must have a solid foundation and structure in place to support all of the work that still has to be done to complete the project.

Landscaping works in almost exactly the same way. Before you decide what you want to plant, you must ensure that you are building on a solid foundation. In Landscaping, this foundation is the soil that makes up the base layer of your lawn and landscape.

You should first have the soil checked by an expert to determine its quality. Your current soil may need to be amended to balance its PH levels, or may need aeration to break up the soil if it has become compacted over time. You should also look at the shape and incline of your lawn, and determine if you need to implement erosion control, or install a drainage solution to ensure you do not end up with standing water. Standing water creates breeding grounds for insects, and causes damage to your lawn.

Consider Your Home’s Design

Your landscaping, and the outside appearance of your home should match and mesh well together. If they do not, your neighbors and visitors will notice the odd appearance. Be sure to think about the overall design before deciding on a design and theme for your landscape. Try to see the big picture, of your home and landscape together, rather than to different elements existing in the same place. If you are in doubt of your own abilities, then be sure to contact a trained professional landscaper to lead your project and guide you in selecting the right elements.

Invest for the Future

Homeowners commonly get a bit overzealous while redesigning the landscape, and tend to try filling every open space with different items. While it’s not entirely a bad thing, you still have to think about the needs and preferences of your family and how they will change over time. This is something you should really consider if you are planning on living in your home for many years to come. Be sure to save some room for future changes.