There are dozens of methods of keeping your privacy in Loganville, GA while also having the yard you have always dreamed about. Some ways are more natural than others, but there is always something that works for each property.

One of the most common, but still aesthetically pleasing, is a stained or painted wooden fence along the perimeter of your lawn. While this is most common to be placed in the backyard of a property, it is a nice addition to your lawn if you want a decent amount of privacy with the benefit of also keeping in pets that may run away.

Aside from fences, there are various materials and designs that can create wall-like structures that aren’t as permanent as true brick, stone, or wooden walls. Structures like trellis fencing offers medium privacy with the appeal of an aesthetic lawn. If you are in the market for something more permanent such as the bricked or stone walls, adding a pattern or design to them will lighten up the shade provided and create a more home-oriented feeling to the structure.

Of course many prefer the natural and organic way of creating their private oasis. However, if you’re not into maintaining wildlife, this may not be for you! If you are, then there are plenty of options to choose from depending on how you want your private area or lawn to appear.

designing landscape privacy

One very common border for not only privacy, but an abundant amount of shade are cypress trees. These tall shrub-like trees cast wonderful shade in the morning and evening light as well as give you the full privacy you desire in your yard.

If something smaller is in better taste for your desired appearance, then vertical gardens may be something your style. An array of flowers and greenery scaling up a wire or slim wooden fencing to create a barrier of beauty for any season. Depending on the variety of your vertical garden, you may or may not have to consistently water and maintain it, but the choice is up to you.