Landscape focal points are the key elements in a landscape design that help draw the eye, create a sense of balance, and provide a sense of direction. Focal points are used to create interest and contrast in a garden setting and can be anything from a water feature to an ornamental tree or a sculpture. When used properly, focal points help to draw attention away from any less desirable aspects of a garden and create a sense of unity and harmony.

What Are Landscape Focal Point Examples?

Examples of landscape focal points include flower beds, pathways, water features, statues, sculptures, arbors, trellises, and seating. Flower beds are one of the most popular focal points used in landscaping. A bright, vibrant flower bed can instantly add color and texture to a landscape and can help draw the eye to the center of the design. Pathways can also be a great focal point. They can be used to draw attention to a landscape's main features and create a sense of movement.

Water features are another popular focal point. A pond, fountain, waterfall, or stream can instantly add a sense of tranquility and beauty to a landscape. Statues and sculptures can also be used as focal points. They can add a sense of drama to a landscape and can be used to create a sense of movement and energy. Arbors and trellises can be used to add structure and interest to a landscape and can be used to create a sense of balance and harmony. Seating, such as benches and chairs, can add a sense of comfort and relaxation to a landscape.

Where Should You Place Your Landscape Focal Points?

When deciding where to place your landscape focal points, there are several things to consider. First, think about the overall layout of your yard. Are there any natural focal points that you can use? If there are no natural focal points, then you can create one.

The next thing to consider is where to place the focal point around other landscape elements. Ideally, you want the focal point to stand out and be the first thing people notice when they enter your yard. Place the focal point where it will be the most visible, such as near the entrance of your home or in the center of your yard.

You also want to consider the size and scale of the focal point. If you have a small yard, then a large water feature or large garden bed may overpower the rest of the landscape. On the other hand, a small sculpture or small garden bed may not be noticeable enough.

Unique Backyard Focal Point Ideas

Whether you're looking to add a bit of flair to a front yard or create an eye-catching focal point in a backyard, there are various ways to make your landscape stand out from the rest. Here are some unique landscape focal point ideas to get you started.

1. A Water Feature

Water features such as a pond, fountain, or waterfall can greatly draw attention to your landscape. They provide a calming atmosphere, and the sound of running water will draw visitors in.

2. A Garden

Planting a colorful garden is a great way to create a stunning landscaping focal points. Choose plants that will thrive in your area, and consider adding an array of textures and colors to create a stunning display.

3. A Gazebo

Gazebos are a great way to create a focal point in your landscape. Consider adding a gazebo to create a cozy, shaded spot to relax and entertain guests.

4. Statues or Sculptures

Statues and sculptures can be a great way to add a unique touch to your landscape. Consider adding a sculpture or statue of your favorite animal or figure to create a focal point that will be sure to draw attention.


You can create a focal point in your landscape in many different ways. You can use various items, such as sculptures, fountains, or even large trees. Choosing an item that will stand out and be the center of attention in your yard is important. Having a focal point will create a sense of balance and harmony in your landscape.

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