Sod Delivery & Installation

Sod Installation Services in Loganville GA

Sod comes in several varieties. Some prefer full sun, some shade and others high traffic areas. It’s important to know the difference between the varieties so you can achieve the lawn you desire in a most cost effective and timely manner.

Bermuda Sod

Warm season grass, Bermuda is a very dense and fine textured grass. Low growing and spreads rapidly. Requires full sun most of the day and does not tolerate shady areas. Will handle medium traffic. Enters doormat stage in winter months, turning a tan winter color. Will tolorate sustained periods of drought if established well. However responds very well to irrigation during dry conditions if higher quaility of turf is desired.


Myers Zoysia

Our personal favorite of all warm season grass, Myers zoysia is becoming the most popular of zoysia grass.  It provides a plush, high density deep green cover.  Handles heavy traffic.  Myers can tolerate 50% shade or filtered sunlight.  Will not tolerate full shade.  Very good heat and cold tolerance.  Enters doormant stage in winter months, turning tan winter color.  Is heat tolerate however because it is slow growing, should be watered regularly to promote growth.


Emerald Zoysia

Warm season grass, Emerld Zoysia is one the most attractive of the zoysia grasses.  It provides a dark green plush color with finer leaf texture.  Emerald is less hardy however more shade tolerate than Myers Zoysia.  It is well suited where regular maintenance and care is provided.  Enters dormant stage during winter months, turning a tan winter color.


Fescue Grass

Cool season grass, Fescue develops a uniform green turf all year round.  Tolerates shady areas where other turfgrass does not.  Maintains a deep green color throughout the growing season however does not handle drought very well causing browning.  Adapts to wide range of soil types.  Fertilize during the fall season to promote healthier and greener grass.

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