If you are looking to spruce things up in your backyard, transform the look of your driveway, or enhance the appearance of your property, you are on the right track. Concrete or brick pavers can transform any outdoor space, making it look as good as new.

Whether you plan to install concrete or brick pavers yourself or hire a professional to do the job, the following steps apply to professionals and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) enthusiasts. They are sturdy, weather-resistant, and come in different shapes and colors, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind driveway, walkway, or patio. Follow them keenly and watch as your home project turns out just as you imagined.

How to Install Step and Walkway Pavers to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you are looking to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space or are making small landscaping improvements to your walkway or yard, pavers are a great choice. Below, we cover the steps you need to follow to install pavers like your local professionals in Grayson, Georgia.

1. Prepare the Walkway Pre-Demolition

After gathering the materials and tools you need for your project, you need to prepare the walkway before installing the pavers. Before you kick-start the walkway installation process, we recommend calling 811 before you dig to ensure that you do not accidentally damage electrical or water lines or buried gas.

Demolition and Excavation

Remove grass or any existing hardscape surfaces before installing the pavers. For driveways, remove 9 ½ inches from the end of the graded slope; for walkways, remove 7½ inches from the graded slope; and for commercial areas, remove 11½ inches from the end of the graded slope.

Grade the Area

After removing any hardscape or grass, use a level to grade the area: this helps ensure proper water drainage away from your property.

Compact the Sub-Base

Without a strong sub-base, your paver installation will only bring you more problems in the future. Use a plate compactor or tamper to compact the gravel or soil where your pavers will go: this eliminates unwanted air gaps.

2. Lay the Foundation

Prepare Road Base

Now that you have prepared your walkway, you need to prepare a road base. Pour your Class II road base two inches at a time, compacting with your plate compactor or tamper. The depth of your road base will depend on the amount of weight the area will support. For walkways, four inches will suffice. For areas that will support large lawn mowers, six inches is fine, and areas that will support vehicles require eight inches.

Pour and Screed the Sand

Pour the sand on top of the road base and use a rake to level the sand. Ensure that the sand is level before moving on to the next step.

3. Lay Down Pavers

This is the part you likely dreamed of when planning your project. Do you need pattern ideas for your sidewalk? You can find hundreds of unique sidewalk ideas on sites like Pinterest, Dribbble, or Dudepins. However, the most common brick paver sidewalk design is the running bond pattern.

Lay the pavers one by one and tap them in place using a rubber mallet. If you need to cut a paper to form a curve or fit somewhere, use a wet saw or concrete saw with a concrete blade. When installing each section, install plastic paver edging to secure the pavers in place. Ensure that you insert a spike into the edging after every twelve inches along the sidewalk. Continue installing the pavers until you finish the whole sidewalk area.

4. Sand the Joints

After laying out the pavers, pour polymeric sand or joint sand onto the driveway. Ensure that the sand enters between the paver joints to tighten the bond, then use a broom to sweep away any excess sand. Lastly, water down the paver driveway until no more water can soak in and avoid moisture for the next forty-eight hours after installation. Now, it is time to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of your favorite caffeinated drink, and admire your hard work. You have just finished your DIY paver installation project, and we are so very proud of you. Remember, if you would rather let a professional do the heavy lifting, the team at Wallis Landscape is here to help.

Our hard-working team can labor for long hours daily on your project, ensuring that the job is done as per your specifications. With us, you can custom design the landscape of your dreams, and our skilled team will get working to make it a reality. If you need landscaping done, Wallis Landscape is the company to hire. We work with clients in Grayson, GA, and surrounding areas like Flowery Branch and deliver top-notch results with every project we take on. Contact us today to request an estimate.

Why Should You Hire A Paving Professional for Your Landscaping Project?

There are various reasons why you should hire a paving professional. These include:

Quality Materials

If you decide to DIY your old driveway or spruce up your existing patio, you will probably start at a big-box store. While these stores offer a wide range of products for home and business owners, most of these products are not professional-grade materials and can fade, crack, or chip with time. Even though you can source premium quality materials, you might have to spend a pretty penny if you are not in the business.

Our step and walkway installation Grayson, GA experts use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to ensure that your landscape stands up to many years of daily use. Our team of landscape professionals has access to premium quality materials, which they can source at a good price. Contact us today for a free estimate.  


If you take the DIY route, it can take days or weeks to design, prepare, and complete your landscaping project. With Wallis Landscape, you can rest easy knowing that we will complete your landscaping project on time. Our team works quickly and efficiently throughout the landscaping project. As such, they will spend as little time as possible on your property, and their expertise and the cutting-edge equipment they use means you will be enjoying your landscaping quickly.

Top-Notch Results

If you want to make your vision for your landscape a reality, hiring a professional landscape company will guarantee quality work and the best possible results. The team at Wallis Landscape has the experience, expertise, and equipment to create a design that meets your creative vision and landscape needs. Our Grayson, GA experts will get working to ensure that the finished project turns out as you pictured, and our services will provide you, your family, or your business premises with years of use and look just as it did when it was first installed for many years into the future. Get in touch with us today to request an estimate.

If you are planning a landscaping project for your Grayson, GA home or business, give the experts at Wallis Landscape a call. Once you give us the details of your project, our team can help you create the landscape of your dreams while maintaining the highest quality and professionalism throughout the project. Whether you want a retaining wall to retain material on one side of your yard or a walkway to your backyard patio, you can count on us to do an excellent job. Feel free to call us today for a free estimate.

Can a Professional Help You Transform Your Existing Patio?

If you are looking to spruce up your existing patio, we are here to help. Our team consists of extremely professional technicians specializing in hardscapes such as patios, retaining walls, driveways, and walkways.

We can do an outstanding job helping you choose a patio design and bringing the vision you have for your patio to life. We strive to make your project turn out better in person than what you had initially imagined. Our patio experts can determine the best type of patio material that suits your design preferences and meets your patio needs. We will work with you from start to finish and make sure that the project is completed according to your specifications. Contact us today. We are ready to help you give your existing patio the pizzazz it needs.

Wallis Landscape Is Here To Serve You

Wallis Landscape is a landscaping company that serves clients in Grayson, GA, and surrounding areas. We can serve you in various ways:

For starters, we can upgrade any outdoor living space in Grayson, Georgia. We can revamp your existing patio, give your backyard a facelift by installing a new retaining wall, and turn your backyard into a cozy spot where you and your family can gather around by crafting a fire pit using brick, concrete, or stone. Our company will present different designs you can choose from and work with your budget to give you the highest quality materials. We will work with you throughout the process and ensure that the project is completed within the quoted timeframe.

Secondly, our extremely professional team can do an amazing job replacing the concrete sections of your driveway. Our company will give you an estimate that accurately predicts the cost to deliver your project. And, if you want to change the scope of the work, even on the day of the job, for, let’s say, more concrete or a change of pattern, we can do the additional work and handle the entire process with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. If you need concrete work, look no further than Wallis Landscape.

Thirdly, we can handle large landscaping installations like walkways and driveways. When you contact our company for large installations, you can rest easy knowing that our experts have what it takes to complete the job and maintain quality and attention to detail throughout the installation process.

Fourthly, we provide drainage and erosion services for home and business owners in Grayson, Georgia. In Grayson, Georgia, drainage and erosion control are vitally important, especially in a newly landscaped backyard. If your neighbor’s back yard is sloped, your plants or landscape will likely get damaged by rainwater accumulated on your property. Our experts guarantee excellent work creating drainage solutions and coming up with different erosion control methods to ensure a healthy life for your yard.

Finally, we ensure that we leave your property as clean as we find it when we do a job. Our company is dedicated to respecting your property, so you do not have to spend money and time on a post-project cleanup. Our team members clean up after themselves at the end of each workday; as such, you will not come home to a dirty backyard, a disorganized lawn, lunch wrappers, or brick or concrete remnants on your property.

Contact Wallis Landscape for Step and Walkway Installation Grayson, GA

Wallis Landscape is a family-owned company that provides landscaping services to Grayson, Georgia. We have been in business for over thirty years, and since our establishment, we have maintained the same level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. We take great pride in our craft and can do an amazing job taking your backyard from basic to magazine-worthy.

Our crew is wonderful to work with, and they will walk you through all the details of your project to know what your project entails. We get the job done right the first time so that you do not have to pay for new installations or repairs only days or weeks after we are done working on your property. Our areas of expertise include steps and walkways, drainage and erosion control, landscape lighting, landscaping, fire pits, and patios.

Feel free to call us at (770) 985-2099 or email us at info@wallislandscape.com to request a free, no-obligation estimate. You can also visit our physical location at 1599 Temple Johnson Rd. Loganville, GA 30052.

We look forward to hearing you tell us that your project turned out better than you envisioned.