Sod is a quintessential element of landscaping. It provides immediate results in new and existing projects. So whether you are changing grass types, have a new construction ongoing, or your front yard needs patching, installing sod is the quickest way to have a lush yard.

Having a properly installed front lawn can be a daunting task. Basic knowledge of landscaping or DIY won't cut it. To ensure you get positive results, leave the job to an expert that knows how to lay sod. Use the following tips to find the right sod installation services in Lilburn, GA.

What Are You Looking For in a Sod Installation Company?

Installing sod on your property is a major investment and can greatly improve your home's curb appeal and value. Choosing the right sod installation company can be a challenge, but it will be very simple if you know what you are looking for. For your peace of mind, always work with professionals who can consider the many variables that affect success.

Simply seeking the services of your local landscaper to lay your sod, will often not ensure proper installation. Before reaching out to a local sod installation service, have a clear picture of your project, how much you want to spend on it, and your timelines.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Sod Installation Company

Top sod installation specialists offer lasting solutions and improvement by providing high-quality turf from the start. If not properly installed, turfgrass can lead to inefficient water use resulting in the formation of puddles. As a result, you may suffer drainage issues, water wastage, and a mosquito menace. To avert these issues, you need to hire sod installation services with skills and years of experience in the industry. Here are several factors to consider when looking for sod installation service providers:


It's a crucial factor to consider when looking for a sod installation company. Ideally, you want a company located within your city. You can easily reach them to get the job done on time.

Choosing a landscaper that is close by means that you can easily reach them, but it also makes it easy for them to respond fast to your requests and deliver the job promptly with little to no delays or excuses.

Where do they get their turf grass from?

Where a company sources its sod from is critical to its quality. For instance, if the installer gets their turf grass from Sod Sales Direct, you can rest easy knowing that their sod is high quality for Lilburn GA lawns. Request a sample and literature from the sod farm, including the seed mixture used.

What type of Sod do they offer?

Choosing the appropriate sod for your region is imperative. There are many varieties of grass grown by sod farms. Sod is broadly categorized into:

  • Cool-season Sods: This grass grows in areas that get snow in the winter, like the northern and midwestern regions. Cool-season sods include fescue sod, rye, and bluegrass sod.
  • Warm-season Sod - This turfgrass grows best in southern climates.

Are they insured?

While hiring the cheapest landscaping team looks attractive, it is advisable to do more research before trusting them to your lawn. Knowing beforehand if the sod installer you are hiring is licensed and insured to protect yourself and your property is extremely important. Work should commence if the company has no proper certification.

If something goes amiss while on the job, these credentials ensure that you are protected. You can request the installer for this information or check out their official website. You can also visit the local licensing board to check whether they are authorized to operate in your state. Landscapers that fail to provide you with the necessary certificates might not be able to provide the quality of service that you need.

Industry experience

The other thing to remember when hiring a sod installation company is their experience level. The landscape industry is always changing, and you want a contractor who is up to date with the latest and best industry practices. Take time to research the installers' skills, qualifications, and experience. While choosing a company with little experience might cost you less, chances are you won't get the best results.

Also, the lack of experience can lead to many more issues down the line, resulting in added costs due to downtime or rework. On the other hand, choosing a well-established sod installation company will help ensure that your sod installation project is completed professionally and efficiently. An experienced contractor can help avert common landscaping hurdles, leading to fewer delays and other minor issues during the project.


Many landscapers offer this service, but only a few of them have the capability or the experience needed to execute the service. Always ask the company to give you references and check their previously completed jobs. One of the best ways to know how good a sod installation company is by looking at their online reviews.

Previous client reviews offer the best judgment on ideal companies. Before choosing a sod installation company, ensure that you have convincing testimonials on the nature of service delivery. Also, make use of referrals from your family, friends, and colleagues.


Sod installation requires the expertise of a professional who understands the types of products in the market, which ones work best in certain areas, and the optimal installation techniques for exceptional results. A professional sod installation company invests in well-trained employees who have the experience and skill to install sod with practiced efficiency.

They are also well equipped with the necessary tools, materials, and equipment to create beautiful, lush lawns without any hassles. Expert sod installers will be able to guide you in enhancing your property's curb appeal and highlighting the right areas on your property.


Another distinct feature to look out for in a sod installation company is the need for consistency and dependability. If your lawn gets overlooked, the repercussion might be irreversible. In the same way, inaccurate yard measurement will increase wastage, causing you to spend more on sod and installation. To avoid such damaging issues, you need to work with landscaping services that are dependable, trustworthy, and punctual.

Ask the company to send a sod installation specialist to assess your lawn and determine the exact process that the job requires. This inspection helps the company figure out how to give your home the best the finest sod installation. From the evaluation, you should know what issues they've identified and their goals. It is crucial to lay out terms and have an agreement by both parties before doing any work.


Generally, a satisfaction guarantee assures the client that the service provider will return to repair or rectify any issue at no cost. A satisfaction guarantee is a sign that the contractor will stand by their word to the client.

What is their quality process?

A top sod installation service provider should have an elaborate process for the best outcome. Skimping through work or missing an essential step when laying sod can lead to maintenance problems. It would be best to choose a sod installation company that accounts for the services they will deliver on your lawn. To achieve the best possible results, they should undertake several steps before installing your sod.

For instance, they may need to spray some herbicides to remove weeds and haul debris and any other unwanted growth before laying new sod. They should be able to explain the relevance of each process that your lawn will undergo.

Customer Service

A sod installation company can have all the skills and experience to get the job done right. But if they cannot talk with you properly to understand your needs, you will be in for a long and frustrating ride. Some key traits to look for in a potential contractor are:

  • Good communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Patience and understanding of your needs
  • Ready to work with you and your ideas

A good sod installation company should create time to analyze the property and be available when needed. Their customer care should also be quick to respond to your calls and emails.

Quotes and pricing

Another key factor to consider when choosing a sod installation company is the cost of services. Knowing the cost of sod installation upfront is crucial when looking to upgrade your landscape design. Once you have a budget in mind, ask at least three contractors to provide you with a project quote. This way, you know that the company you choose will not overcharge you.

A good sod installation company should be able to give honest pricing upfront. Compare the quotes provided by the companies by evaluating the quality of materials used, among other factors. Make sure to hire an installation company that charges reasonable rates.

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