Lawn Maintenance Grayson GA Pros’ Guide on Early Fall Lawn Planning

All seasoned or beginner homeowners need some quick reminders on what they have to think about next when it comes to lawn care and landscaping in the early months of fall. You are lucky if you still enjoy good weather, but this does not mean things are going to stay the same for long. Winter is coming (no pun intended) and you need to prep the soil, the turf, the vegetation, and everything else green or not to face the cold season. Our lawn maintenance Grayson GA professionals are here to refresh your memory on the main tasks and priorities you should have this time of year.

Soil Planning

The soil is the foundation to build a strong and healthy lawn and landscape next spring, so you should start prepping it starting today. You should get the assistance of our lawn maintenance Grayson GA team. Sometimes it is best to have professionals performs some (or all) of the following tasks:

  • Soil pH testing: the soil suffered pH modifications throughout summer; it went through changes, and it needs your support. Solve any drainage problems and add soil amendments and organic enhancer to balance the pH and boost its fertility levels.
  • Aeration: fall aeration is just as important as spring one; allow the soil to breathe and absorb light, warmth, water, and nutrients better. A well-aerated soil is a necessary condition for your lawn and vegetation to burst with life next year.

Turf and Grasses Planning

Our lawn maintenance Grayson GA specialists insist on you taking care of your turf before the cold season takes its toll. You need to prep the grasses for winter in the following manners:

  • Overseeding: some areas on your lawn may look dull, dry, and damaged. They need overseeding, as you probably figured out already. If you overseed the entire lawn, however, you will offer it more resilience against harsh winter conditions and pests.
  • Mowing: our lawn maintenance Grayson GA specialists recommend you raise your lawn mower blades; depending on turf varieties and the weather conditions, the height may vary.

Lawn and Landscape Irrigation

Your lawn and landscape need you to water them properly and thoroughly to ensure their survival and overwinter thriving. However, you should pay supplemental attention to your evergreens, as September and October are the months when they need more water.

Trimming, Pruning, Styling

Your landscape may be healthy, but is it beautiful and attractive? Make sure the answer to the question is yes and make sure you trim, prune, cut back, and reshape your shrubs, hedges, bushes, trees, and so on. It is a healthy approach, as it promotes growth and helps the vegetation thrive. You can also add new elements to your landscape (flowers, bulbs, etc.) to get a fresh new landscape look next spring.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Nothing survives and thrives without protection. In this case, fertilization and weed control are your best allies. Have your lawn maintenance Grayson GA team implement their fertilization and pre-emergence weed control program to keep your entire lawn and landscape healthy and safe from weeds. Mulching your trees and flowerbeds is also a good idea this time of year.

For more information on lawn and landscape care in early fall, have a chat with your local lawn maintenance Grayson GA experts!