Natural Outdoor Holiday Decor

Holiday season is here, and the festive outdoor décor is a must for the vibes of the fall and winter holidays. A natural look is always a great way to keep your home and lawn festive, while keeping electrical costs and maintenance to a minimum.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Yard Pet-Friendly

Without sacrificing the aesthetic of a beautiful yard, plenty of measures can be taken to ensure the safety and happiness of your canine and feline friends. Whether they live outside or only go out a few times a day, pets deserve a safe environment regardless of the pristine landscape.  Continue Reading

4 Home Products to use as Fertilizers: Lawn Care Snellville GA Experts’ Tips

Our previous article on Epsom Salt was quite a blast, according to our readers. Eco-friendly and organic lawn care and landscaping are trends one cannot ignore, especially if you are the type of homeowner concerned with environmental issues and sustainable lawn care and landscaping. Epsom Salt is one of many natural, organic and around-the-house solutions one has to boost the soil’s richness. There are plenty of other materials you probably have in the kitchen or pantry right now that boost the looks and health of your lawn and garden. Today our lawn care Snellville GA experts are here to offer you some advice on such products – with the amendment that you shouldn’t use them without having your soil tested first. While proper fertilization helps your lawn and landscape to thrive, overdoing things is not the right path to walk on. Continue Reading

Do You Use Epsom Salt in the Garden? Our Lawn Care Loganville GA Experts Say You Should

There is a lot of talk related to Epsom Salt and its uses in lawns and gardens. This organic mineral has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy for people and animals, but also as a bio fertilizer with plenty of benefits for anything green. If at first gardeners were simply swearing by it, modern science discovered what farmers knew for decades: Epsom Salt makes crops yield more bountiful, it helps you grow sweeter, larger vegetables and fruits and it keeps your entire property green, lush, and healthy all year long. If you are interested in cheap, organic, widely available fertilizers, then let’s have our lawn care Loganville GA experts talk about Epsom Salt in detail. Continue Reading

Lawn Care Grayson, GA Experts on 5 Common Organic Mulches’ Pros and Cons

We all know sustainable lawn care and landscaping is easily achievable with the help of organic mulches. By now you have probably heard about natural mulches’ abilities to fertilize the soil, protect it from summer heat, weeds, pests, and diseases. Organic mulches decompose, releasing nutrients into the soil, keep weeds and insects far from your plantings and should always be applied in a layer no thicker than 3 inches. But just like everything else, organic mulches come with a fair share of pros and cons. Today, our lawn care Grayson, GA experts are here to offer you important details related to the most common types of organic mulches. Continue Reading

Completed Project For Neighbors

This project was a fun and exciting opportunity for three awesome neighbors.  Each had old railroad tie walls and steps that were deteriorating.   After hard work removing and disposing of the old it was time for the new transformation.   Between the neighbors, we installed new diamond pro wall block , aluminum fencing, concrete extension, zoysia sod and pine straw.

Thank you to our customers for the business opportunity and our crew for the hard work completing this project.

Click below to watch video for before and after of this project.

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Wallis Landscape Wins!!!

We are excited to announce we have won the 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Third Year In A Row!

This award goes to providers who have achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie’s List.

Congrats to our team for outstanding work and to our customers for taking the time to review us!


Raccoons – Rolling Up Sod

Raccoons….as cute as they may seem, the bandit masked animals are wild and are not an unfamiliar sight.  They will eat just about anything.  5a99491ff52428fd2cfef6089b42221e

When sod is laid (regardless of the time of year) the fresh soil underneath and moisture due to watering attracts worms and grubs to the top of the surface – right under the sod.  A delicacy for Raccoons.  They are clever and quick to discover when food is to be had.  They can actually roll up large chucks of sod to eat the worms and/or grubs.  To be honest…we can’t stop the raccoons.  The only thing you can do is take away the source of the problem. Continue Reading